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ABOUT THE COURSEFree  End Date: 29-Apr-2022  Start Date: 14-Feb-2022  

This course provides the learner with a basic overview of cloud computing focusing on the core concepts, their definition, their history, and emerging trends. Key areas include the cloud service models (Information-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, and Software-as-a-Service) and deployment models (public, private and hybrid clouds) as well as key elements of cloud architecture (virtualization, virtual machines, storage, networking, and containers).

Finally, learners will explore the emerging trends related to cloud computing (hybrid multi-cloud, microservices, serverless, cloud-native, DevOps, and application modernization).


  • Must have high school diploma or equivalent
  • Must have an interest in Cloud computing as a career path
  • Must have the ability to commit to a 12-week full-time (Monday-Friday) in-class training program
  • Must be highly motivated to participate in an intensive skills development training

  • Learning Objectives

    · Learn core concepts of cloud computing, cloud architecture components, and some real-world applications of cloud computing.

    · Get a solid introduction to IBM Cloud services, their ideal use-cases, and real-world applications across industry verticals.

    Certificate Requirements

    Students must complete the course in 12 weeks. Students can request their certificates after the final assessment, knowledge check, and certification exam.


    In-Class - Cotonou

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