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The Intensive Works Training Program is about recruiting to train 30 candidates in cloud computing and information technology tuition-free. The training will enable the selected students to overcome the technical and financial barriers to gain entrant to a Cloud computing and IT career.

The program is free for all applicants on successful completion of the program.

Full 100% attendance is required – If a learner is absent, they need to provide a justifiable reason for the absence to the instructor. Learners need to catch up on any missed material. Required Participation • Learners are expected to engage actively in the classroom. • Learners must complete all labs. • Learners must complete all assessments with at least a 75% overall score • Learners must consume all curriculum content. • Learners must take the Vendor Cloud Certification Exam (passing the exam is required).

Students must meet Term A – Term C of the refund criteria • Term A – Successfully completes the 12-week course with at least 100% attendance or 5% approved absence. • Term B – Graduates the course by completing all the mandatory assignments, knowledge checks, and passing the industry certification exams. • Term C – Attends all eligible employment/placement drives until 30 days after the course end date or until employment offers acceptance, whichever is earlier.

Students will forfeit security deposits if Term A – Term C are met • Term A – Unable to maintain 100% attendance or drop out of the course before completion. • Term B – Unable to Graduate from the course and does not meet all the graduation requirements. • Term C – Does not participate in employment/placement drive without justifiable reason for not attending.

Unfortunately, as of now, this program is only paying for tuition only due to limited funds.

Unfortunately, as of now, this program is only paying for tuition only due to limited funds.

To apply please visit to see the step.

Yes, the program is open to citizens and permanent residents of the 17 West African nations.

After you have successfully completed our training, we provide placement assistance by helping schedule interview(s) with hiring employer(s). We also provide additional support for those with innovative ideas looking to start a new venture.

No IT/Tech experience is required to be eligible for the program.

We welcome students that have their device and would like to use it for academics only, students are required to bring a device as we will not be providing learning devices at this time. However, there are limited computers in the technical lab for practice.

Yes, if accepted to the program, you will be required to pay a non-refundable fee of : Cloud Practitioner and E-commerce - FCFA 60,000 as administrative charges. Solution Architect & E-commerce - FCFA 75,000 as administrative charges.

Yes, a security deposit of FCFA 70,000 is required at the beginning of the program. The deposit will be fully refunded on successful completion of the program. Please note that refund criteria only consider: Attendance of 100% throughout the 8-12-week program. Successful taking and passing the required AWS certification For AWS solution architect classe, No security deopit is required.

The minimum educational requirement is a bachelors degree/ BAC+3
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