Tech is the future. But is it the future for all?

Women from Sub-Saharan Africa continue to be underrepresented in tech. These societies pay little attention to the advancement of women in technological circles. Black women in the Sub-Sharan nations who want a career in technology face unequal access to good tech training, among other obstacles that prevent them from reaching this dream.

These challenges were why Cloud8020 was born.

Cloud8020 sets out to resolve the issue of the underrepresentation of black women in cloud computing and information technology with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. Our team consists of technology experts with many years of experience in cloud computing. We provide training opportunities to unemployed and underemployed women in West Africa that prepare them for a career in IT and cloud computing.

Our student composition is 20 percent male and 80 percent female to ensure that more women are given the opportunity to get the training that they need to begin a career in technology. The training offerings provide these women alongside their male counterparts the ability to reach for a future.

Not only do we train participants, but we also help them secure entry-level jobs in cloud computing and Information Technology so that they can get started immediately. Cloud8020 is the steppingstone to a world of opportunities for Black women in the Sub-Sharan nations.

Cloud technology is here to stay. Training with Cloud8020 will equip participants to explore theirs dreams and excel in cloud computing and information technology. Our trainers are experts in the field and are actively engaged in cloud computing and information technology careers.

Cloud8020 is the hub for young talented women and their male counterparts to get the knowledge and skill that they need to build careers in cloud technology and IT.


We’re here to help expand your horizons, advance your career, and open up new paths to opportunity as you achieve your full potential through lasting learning.

  • An innovative approach to training in High-Tech Labs.
  • Practical / hands-on sessions & projects.
  • Highly skilled and qualified trainers.
  • Connect graduates with exciting and lucrative career opportunities across the world.


Our mission is to increase representations for black Sub-Saharan African women in cloud computing and information technology roles through rigorous IT training.


Integrate cloud computing, technology, and problem-solving skills to empower black Sub-Saharan African women, society, and business.


Through a rigorous selection process we choose, and train motivated black Sub Saharan West African women and men in Cloud Computing and Information Technology. Our programs have a student distribution of 80% women and 20% men and last from 8 to 12 weeks depending on which program participants are enrolled in. At the end of the program, students take industry certification examinations and are well equipped with the skills required for entry-level cloud computing and information technology jobs.
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